Crown Septic-Tech offers valuable benefits

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CONSTRUCTING a conventional septic tank entails a lot of labor and manpower. It is costly and takes over a month up to 45 days to finish. It also needs to comply with current requirements for environmental safety and protection as per DENR administrative Order No. 35, Series of 1990, known as the Revised Effluent Regulations of 1990.

Here comes Crown Septic-Tech, a septic tank solution from the makers of Crown Pipes and Crown PVC Roofing. It offers just about all necessary requirements of an efficient septic system plus other valuable benefits.

Built for structural safety, it is a hygienic water-tight design tank with a 3-Chamber or 2-Chamber System and an optional final fluid filter unit (Crown Sewage Treatment Filter System) to ensure that its effluent or water discharge quality is safe to meet the required environmental standards.

Made of heavy-duty, durable plastic material, it has the strength to withstand fairly heavy loads and durable enough to deliver tough performance that could last for several decades.

The tank has a capacity of 1,200 liters. Measuring 1,000mm in diameter, 1,800mm in length and 1,020mm in height, it’s definitely a space saver. It is ideal for residential housing projects, town homes and apartments where every little space matters.

Hygienic and Environment-Safe

Crown Septic-Tech’s 3-chamber compartments direct waste first to the digestive chamber, then to the next two leaching chambers or 1 digestive chamber and 1 leaching chamber by choice upon owner’s decision. Adding the Crown Sewage Treatment Filter System ensures maximum hygiene for environment protection.

The very efficient filter is important as the Revised DENR Effluent Regulations of 1990 requires water discharge coming out of point sources to meet the standards parameters. Simply put, waste water discharges from homes and industrial plants to municipal sewerage systems have to be cleaner and safer.

Treatment of waste water coming from Crown Septic-Tech was tested at a DENR Accredited Laboratory and successfully passed the prescribed Effluent Standards. The tests included BOD measurements, the quantity of dissolved oxygen required by bacteria to stabilize organic matter.

The new product is east to transport and comes with a price that is less than half the cost of a conventional septic tank. Overall, in terms of durability, safety and value for money, the Crown Septic-Tech makes sense and is a very practical choice.

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