Vision & Mision + Core Values

To be the leading and preferred manufacturer and supplier of world class and innovative thermoplastic, industrial and chemical products.

To strive for market leadership by offering innovative and technologically up-to-date thermoplastic products that meet or exceed both national and international standards ensuring quality, reliability, and value for money for our customers and upholding a nurturing environment for our employees, while managing the business professionally with integrity providing good return to our shareholders.

The following are the guiding principles of the Company in its internal conduct as
well as its relationship with the external world:
C – Commitment to integrity in generating profitable returns
R – Reputation for quality, reliability, and value for money
O – Outstanding products that meet or exceed national and international standards
W – World class products that are innovative and of the latest technology
N – Nurturing our employees so that they can develop their talents while working
towards a common goal