Corporate Governance

The Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation Board of Directors has adopted these Corporate Governance Policies to support the Board in the performance of its responsibilities. The Board may be authorized to modify or make exclusions to the Policies from time to time in its foresight and uniformed with the functions and obligations owed to the Company and its shareholders.

The purpose of the Corporate Governance Manual is to create a synergized single point of reference with a clear description of the framework, procedures and regulations with the main objective of increasing shareholders’ value as it contends in a constantly changing business condition by reflecting sound business practices and applying the principles of good corporate governance that adheres to all listing rules of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and regulations adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It is imperative that a well run company’s policies are properly established and well understood by individuals in the company and its other stakeholders. As well as being good practice for any business, shareholders and other stakeholders more focus on the application of robust corporate governance processes as evidence of a demonstrable commitment to pursuing long term value and sustainability.