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(High Density Polyethylene)

Crown HDPE

HDPE Pipes (High Density Polyethylene) are ideal for many different applications including industrial, energy, geothermal, landfill and more. It is strong, durable, flexible  and lightweight. When fused together, it has a zero-leak rate.

The Crown HDPE (PNS 4427) has outstanding features that include being tough and flexible, non-corrosive with high-flow capacities, chemical resistant with thermal properties and weather and environment stress-resistant. The inside surface is devoid of any roughness so smooth flow is certainly guaranteed.

At present, it is available in many sizes with diameters ranging from 16mm to 630mm. It is versatile because it can carry potable water and wastewater. Due to its superior impact strength, Crown HDPE provides a piping system that is near impervious to impact damage and can be used for commercial and industrial purposes.

The Crown HDPE is designed to last long and is a more environmentally sustainable option.