Employee Development & Growth

The company provides health care benefits to its employees thru a health maintenance plan (HMO). The plan covers hospitalization, medical, dental and opthalmology services inclusive of consultation and diagnostic tests. Annual physical examination is conducted and all employees are required to undergo such examination.

The company promotes health consciousness thru promulgation of policies such as Hepatitis B Free Workplace, HIV Aids Free Workplace and Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention and Control.

Employees are required to attend the Basic Fire Fighting seminar. Fire drills are conducted twice a year. In the plants, Fire Marshals are designated for each Work Shift. Fire extinguishing equipments are likewise located in strategic locations in all work places.

The company maintains a Clinic at the plant with a registered Nurse to attend to the needs of employees. First Aid training is conducted yearly.

The company has its plant safety manual which contained procedures to follow to ensure safe and orderly evacuation of employees in emergency scenarios.

The company have promulgated and implemented policies on Drug- free Workplace and policy on Sexual Harassment. All employees are required to undergo Drug test annually.

Employees are accorded vacation leaves and sick leaves. All unused leaves will be converted to cash.

The company conducts annual trainings such as ISO Awareness, Records Management, Basic Firefighting, Basic Occupational Safety and Health and Lifestyle Modification.

For professionals such as engineers, accountants, internal auditors and HR personnel, they are enrolled in seminars which can enhance their technical skills and update on new developments.