Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

On Conflict of Interest

At Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation, all directors, officers, managers and employees are required to avoid any conflict of interest between their interests and interests of the company in dealings with suppliers, customers and other third parties and in the conduct of own personal affairs.

On Employees

The company creates a nurturing work environment for its employees thru implementation of policies on health, safety and welfare. Training and seminars are conducted to level up the competency and skills of its employees.

On Customers

The company values its customers and their needs and requirements. Foremost of which is delivering consistent quality products with good value to them and offering them sense of reliability and dependability. Regular product testing of production is conducted to ensure the quality meets required standards. Should any concern arise, the company attends to the issue immediately.

On Suppliers

Suppliers are required to adhere by the company’s purchase policies. The Purchasing department follows strictly the systems and procedures prescribed under company quality manual. This is to ensure transparency and secure best value for the company asset and supplies requirements.

The company enforces the policy on gifts in which receiving of gifts, whether monetary or non-monetary from suppliers and third parties are prohibited.

On Assets

The company assets, parts, tools, equipment and supplies are to be safeguarded by the employees to prevent loss/or damage. These assets shall not be used by the employees for personal purposes or unnecessarily wasted.

On Stockholders

The company ensures that all stockholders are informed of company operations and financial status thru dissemination of its financial reports. They may likewise communicate with key officers should they need more information to acquaint with the business.